Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So today is April 1, 2008. And on my Dunder Mifflin calendar Toby Flenderson and Stanley Hudson are the employees of the month. Let me write about TOBY for now. Ok Toby is nice. And he secretly loved Pam, and I liked in the Benihana Christmas episode when they gave everyone bathrobes and they were one short so Michael told Dwight to take it from Toby, so Dwight goes and snatches it from Toby and he says "WHY?".

Also on my calendar it gives me some facts about TOBY:
Position: Human-resources rep
My boss calls me: Worthless, Everything That's Wrong with the Paper Industry, The Devil's Butthole, The Mayer of Creepsville, Gargamel, Human Fart
Marital Status: Divorced with one daughter, Sasha
Currently Reading: If You Really Knew Me, Would You Still LIke Me? Building Self Confidence
Favorite movies: Say Anything, This Shining, Annie Hall, Toy Story 2
Has never won: A Dundie Award

And it has a comment by Toby:
So when I finally re-did our health care plan, I picked an HMO. And Michael came to me and he said "Why'd you pick a homo?" And I said "I didn't. And that's a derogatory word for a gay person." And he said, "That's what you are." And I said, "Okay, I gotta go." And he called me a slut.

Another comment:
After Michael grilled his foot, he spent three months inventing a foot-safe version of the George Foreman grill. He called it the "Magic No-Ouchie Meat Machine." It's actually a George Foreman grill in a bunny cage.

HAHAHAHAHA. that's funny. But whhhhhy does Michael hate him so? Feel free to post an opinion on that one. Oh and I saw DAN IN REAL LIFE on sunday with Steve Carrell. It was cute. Anyone see it? what you think?


La Mafiosa said...

Magic no ouchie meat machine!!! Hilarious!

Theory on why Michael hates Toby:
He's part of corporate and he is the real boss of the Scranton Branch. Michael can't handle that.

Fabiana said...

Sorry, I am still figuring out the whole "blogging" thing. As you may have noticed, I placed my comment as a separate post...oops. Let's try this again:
Ok, I am with Bero on the puzzling hatred towards Toby from Michael. I have a theory: I think that Toby is such an easy-going positive guy (and that Michael is such a punk) that he is the only person Michael feels he has some type of authority over. Also, nobody else let's Michael get away with his nonsense and Toby is such an easy mark for pranks, butt of jokes, and basically any type of torture.
Now, that I've read la mafiosa's comment: OF COURSE! Corporate, it all makes sense now. But "tuh-tuh-ruh" Michael forgets he's corporate too.