Sunday, April 24, 2011

Goodbye Michael

I feel like every post we have written the past couple of times we always talk about how we don't update. Well we don't. I love the Office the same but I just don't have the motivation to write as much as before.

Anyways, lots have happened since then, especially the big news of Michael Gary Scott leaving Dunder Mifflin. I can't believe. I didn't think would feel so sad but all the previews have made me shed a tear or 5. So when I heard the Dundies were coming back, I was sooooooo happy! Love the dundies. And loved it more that Mindy Kaling wrote it. She's awesome! So here is a list a quotes:

Quotes from Office Tally

Stanley: Have you lost your mind. Get off my property before I call the police!
Michael: Hey Toby, you suck!

Michael: I’ve never seen this place in the daylight.
Deangelo: This reminds me of Katrina.

Meredith: I’m so busted. Walk of Shame.

Meredith: I have Vienna sausages and I have napkins. Let me fix you breakfast.

Michael: You are getting so funny.

Michael: When Larry King died, they didn’t just cancel his show. They got Piers Morgan to come in and do his show. And that way, Larry lives on.
Michael: Anything can happen at the Dundies. They’re like the Golden Globes, but less mean.

Dwight: Remember, the Dundies is a black tie affair.
Dwight: Every day is black tie optional!
Michael: Tonight we will be hosting at Louie Volpe’s.
Pam: Their breadsticks are like crack.

Ryan: I love when people say “like crack” who have obviously never done crack.

Pam: Well the breadsticks are like what, then, Ryan? What can I use?

Ryan: I don’t know, something from your world. “The breadsticks are like scrapbooking.”

Pam: You’re right. No, I’m a middle class fraud.
Dwight: Always the Padawan, never the Jedi.

Kevin: I love banter. But I hate witty banter.

Michael: There needs to be, what you call, a rat-a-tat. And right now, it’s all rat and no tat.
Deangelo: Where were you on September 11th?

Michael: Jim, please, no loopholes.
Michael: If I want mind control over him, is that too much to ask?

Jim: I just don’t understand the desire to push sweet potato fries on me. I just want regular fries.
Jim: I’m sorry, that just wasn’t interesting to me.

Erin: I can’t just dump him, Pam. I’m not like you, I can’t be mean.

Dwight: Appalling. Eyesore. Surprisingly adequate.

Michael (as Phyllis): I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Oscar: The analytical part of me wants to examine it. But I know it has no content.

Dwight: Deangelo Jeremetrius Vickers!

Michael: Ryan would never do it, it’s too on the radar.

Jim: I do not parent for the award, but I gotta tell you, it feels pretty good. Cece, if you’re watching this at home, it’s way past your bedtime, by the way, how did this get televised?
Jim: Maybe being a good dad is just following your own compass.
Pam: Didn’t think to mention me, huh?
Jim: Didn’t I?

Meredith: Tell you one thing, I’m not going to be a good mom tonight!

Michael: Hottest In The Office goes to Danny Cordray!

Michael: Did you know that Stanley Hudson is also the face of a debilitating disease known as diabetes?
Michael: Come on up here, you sick bastard.

Phyllis: I have diabetes, too. You don’t see me making a big deal about it.

Erin: People are right about the Dundies. They are magical. But, I don’t feel it.
Erin: I’m not attracted to you. I cringe when you talk.

Gabe: Here comes that quarter-life crisis everyone’s talking about.
Darryl: Damn, that was cold.

Michael: My last Dundies ever. I was hoping it would be more like “Godfather III.”

Deangelo: Toby Flenderson, please come up here and accept The Extreme Repulsiveness Award. Oh, that’s so mean.