Friday, September 24, 2010

season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. We really waited a long time to blog. Yes we did!! Ok, this might be a little confusing so I color coded this blog entry. Bero is black (teehheehee) and I'm purple.

lots has happened in life! but we stay loyal to the office. (which reminds me...need to go purchase season 6!) I'm currently addicted to playing Words with Friends (user names: JessPena and pinkybero) so best believe I was playing while watching the Office.

so last night was the season premiere of season 7.

LOVED the cold opening. Toby recorded the office crew with lip dub type of music video to the song "Nobody But Me" by Human Beinz (after doing some research I found out it's a song from the late 60s! Everyone participated! And you got to see how the characters have transformed since we last saw them. I read somewhere that they did that whole lipdub in one take. That's some serious talent. 

Andy wore a not so great tie...Pam looks tanned (or her hair is lighter) My sister said the same think about Pam, something's different, I think she looks thinner. ...Jim is the same...Kelly is dressed sophisticated (she later explains she went through a summer minority executive program at yale) There is a possibility that she won't come back either after season 7 is done. WHYY! No Michael or Kelly, I don't know how I feel about that. Oscar and Kevin look sorta the same....Phyllis was shaking it!!! Erin has lighter hair too. Stanley holds the door open and that's as far as his participation goes. Ryan comes out of a closet (they use this joke alot) with a WUPHF shirt on...which i had to check out. will write about that at the end. Gabe is also more...lively...(that's because he started dating erin over the summer...can't believe!) We then pan to Creed who looks like he has no idea what is going on, yet has a bluetooth on. Then we go to Kevin who has Meredith strapped to him. Her baring her belly was quite disurbing lol..back to Creed who now has an electric guitar and rocks it! Pass Kelly who is arguing with Ryan, then Stanley, then Darryl's office where he and Angela are in there talking, but Angela shuts the door because she doesn't want to be on the internet. Pass Andy and Phyllis and into Michael Scott's office.

Ahhhh Michael Scott...his last season premiere...he finally gets to show us his magic tricks (like more than one).

Then we pan to the whole office who shoots streamers...and here comes Dwight, knocking things over on top of desk, rips head off a teddy bear and pulls out a dagger that he starts pointing at people....him licking the dagger is the best. LOL

Intro is different too! they updated some of the scenes to show the characters.

so what was the epi about? i forgot... We was playing Words with Friends. lol

oh. Michael hires his nephew to work for him, and he's lousy! everyone wants him gone.

everyone updates on their summer:

Kelly (talking about how the summer program made her smart)...kelly, what's the biggest company in the world? and i would say "blah blah blah, giving you the correct answer".

Dwight bought the building! I totally missed this part. I didn't understand the keys joke, I was like is he a janitor now? and why is he drinking all that liquid?

Jim has been busy pranking Dwight of the middle of one, Pam starts giggling and ruins it! (very unprofessional Mrs. Halpert) She works on making it up to him by tampering with the elevator. Pam and Dwight get stuck in there, and he immediately establishes a pee corner (they've only been in there 2 minutes!)

I kinda don't remember the rest right now...I'm actually about to rewatch now so it's going to be a little live blogging.

Conference room scene: Don't bother Luke. No one knows yet that Luke is Michael's nephew. "I'm your Uncle, Luke" hahaa. I must say, Jim's facial expressions have been SUPERB in this episode. OMGGG yes, I remember now "God, who did he hire when he needed help here on Earth? Jesus Christ, his son.... I'm just saying why does God get to do something I don't?" HILARIOUS. First of all, I'd like to point out that even Michael Scott knows that God and Jesus are two different people. Second of all, is it bad that I keep laughing when I hear that argument? Oh and Kelly is "smart" now but brings up issues way after the fact, like the zoning issue. I'm loving her suit, great choice of color.

So one of the reasons Luke sucks is cause he bought soy ice cream. I totally agree. Yuck. He also drives a Honda Civic CRX which is mistake number 2. Boo Hondas. (that's my personal interjection) Oh so then Michael and Gabe have a conference with Jo. A skype type conference, where one of my fave lines of the night come in to play: JO: Lower yourself Gabe, I don't want to be having a conversation with your crotch.

Elevator scene: Pam is like the worst pranker. She can help Jim with pranks but her coming up with pranks, not the best. Good attempt with Dwight though, and Dwight, how awesome is he??? "We gotta establish a pee corner" Dwight. Is. AWESOME!

Back in the conference room: Michael is doing some presentation, Luke is playing with the red pointer thing and Michael was done, took him out and SPANKED HIM! OMG. Everyone in the office was just like what????? Jim's face again, priceless. Then Andy and Phyllis reenacted the spanking, even better. At the end though, came the low blow for Michael, he has to go to counseling because of this incident. And who is going to be his counselor? TOBY! I can't wait.

So yes, consensus is that this episode was awesome. I'm seriously going to miss Michael Scott. He's like essential to the cast but he has to do what he has to do so hopefully they'll give him a good farewell.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthing Baby

We really shouldn't wait so long to update this blog. I just realized 4 episodes have already passed since the last one we wrote about. So let's start with the birthing episode.

1. The Delivery

I believe this is one of the best episodes ever written. It started out with Pam having contractions but wanting to hold out till 12am so she can have an extra day in the hospital. Ultimately, that doesn't work out. Jim is freaking out which is funny to see cause he's always the cool guy in the office. Michael thinks that he's an integral part of this process so he does everything (and I mean everything) he can to help them. I'm pretty sure most of you guys saw this episode, if not, then you're bad Office fans. :-) So Pam and Jim have a baby girl, Cecelia Marie (they named her after Pam's real life niece.) Here are some quotes from the episodes that I found were HILARIOUS.

Dwight: I need a baby. I’ll never outsell Jim and Pam without one.

Michael: Contraptions! She’s contrapting.

Michael: Weird I.T. nerd. Don’t get revenge on me, nerd.

Andy: Word of advice. Speaking as a former baby.

Kelly: Omigod, Pam. You are a woman warrior.

Angela: No Star Trek names.

Michael: What is October Feast?

Jim: We’re going to have a baby today. A really awesome baby.

***Michael: Should I bring a dictionary to the hospital?
Oscar: The hospital will provide dictionaries. Bring a thesaurus!

Michael: I gotta go wash my eyes.

Meredith: I am never getting married. Like Clooney.

Nurse: Oh good. You know everything.

Dwight: I couldn’t find your iPod.

Clarke: Actually, I’m the consultant. Got milk?

Jim: Can we get a late checkout?

Ok... I'll try to update the other episodes later. We won't have a new episode for another month so def have time to catch up.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Manager and Salesman

Ok so I attempted this real-time Live Blogging thing. It was cool, but I don't enjoy the show as much so I may have to re-watch the episode. So here's the entry:

Hey guys! I am attempting to blog in real-time the new Office episode entitled "Manager and Salesman". Comcast's description is the following: In the wake of Sabre's buyout of Dunder Mifflin, new CEO Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) arrives in Scranton, awing the staffers with her charismatic southern style. But Bennett is against having two branch managers, a policy shift that impacts Michael and Jim. (Mindy Kaling wrote this episode, she's awesome!!!)

9:00-Parks and Rec is still on... um NBC, its office time.

9:00-Michael is calling a hotel in Canada and the Olympics... he had a room for the Olympics! But he cancelled.

9:02- Andy is in the opening credits!!!

9:02- Wow, dalmatians. Kathy Bates! Love her.

9:02- Dwight will only stand up for the President or Judge Judy.

9:03-Someone is going get fired from Regional Manager...Jim or Michael

9:04- Someone is going to be back in Sales.

9:05- LOVE KATHY BATES!! Her character is a breast cancer survivor.

9:05- ummm how cute are Andy and Erin!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

9:06- Roger Federer has cologne?

9:06- chop chop little onion

9:07- Michael thinks Tallahasse is in Texas

9:08- I love her southern accent (Jo Bennett)

9:08- Kelly thinks Andy likes her!!!!!!! OMGGGGG, this is a disaster.

9:08- Looks like Jim wants to be a salesperson... more $$$

9:09- "The Alantic is my favorite ocean"-Michael

9:10- Jim is going to be the manager!?!?!?!! Dags, I know he's upset.

9:10- commercial break, this is a little difficult. Typing on my laptop has a challenge. My finger keeps going over the mousepad area... what is that called? Can't remember. My sis switching channels to Grey's Anatomy (this show stopped being good after season 2)

9:12- Rashida Jones is in Cop Out?!?! Aww man!

9:13- Wow, Pam is really pregnant.

9:13- Ryan and a blue scarf. So Ryan and Dwight are in cahoots against Jim.

9:14- Michael as a sales manager, this is going to be hilarious. Jim to Michael: you gotta do something now, you can't just sit there.

9:15- Erin is an awesome secretary.

9:16- OMG, Kelly is telling Erin about Andy's card. And Erin loves Kelly! "She can sing, dance..." Yes, Kelly's awesome.

9:17- Does Ryan still work at Dunder-Mifflin? Ryan crushed a can after 3 tries and Dwight crushes an apple.

9:19-Phyllis stinks. LOL. It is due to her allergy medicine. Really? Hmm, that may explain some things about certain people.

9:19- back to Greys... McSteamy has a daughter?!?!?! and she's preggers? What is going on?

9:21- the hot guy from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is on Greys now!!! wow, he's pretty.

9:23- Kelly's skirt is cute. and she kissed Andy. wow!

9:24- "I wished we had one of the amnesia guns from Men in Black"

9:25- Andy never liked Kelly. (well duh)

9:27- Dwight was all cocky about Jim not being Regional Manager anymore. Jim put Dwight's tie in his coffee cup. Everything is back to normal!

9:30- Ryan and Dwight... LOL. "Martini bars are pretentious."

I would have like to have added a little more of my commentary but I was focusing on the episode. I'll try to do it again. For now, NBC will be airing the Olympics for like a month! So the Office won't be back till March. When Pam and Jim's baby will be born! WOO!

Been awhile!!!

So these are the 4 episodes I'm going to recap: Scott's Tots, Secret Santa, The Banker, and Sabre..if I can remember!!

Scott's Tots: 10 years ago Michael Scott made a promise to a classroom full of kids that he would pay their college tuition if they succeeded in school and reached graduation.

That blew up in his face!!! How he got out of it..I don't But Stanley laughed at a picture of Michael in the newspaper. I do remember that much lol.

Secret Santa: Jim let's Phyllis dress as Santa. Unorthodox to Michael's standards, since he was dressed up as Santa too. So they compete for the staff' affection. THEN michael goes into his office, turns his suit inside out and becomes Jesus. Why, Michael, why?!?

Well Michael finds out that the company will be bought, so everyone thinks they are folding. They call David Wallace and find out that the branches will remain open, just higher-level people like himself are out. Nooooo we can't lose David Wallace?!? (Seen him in person...nice. Lol.) so all is well in Scranton.

So then we get winter break and in January we got 2 new episodes (one if which I was out of country....I don't like missing the office!!!) watching online isn't the same!!!

Well it was called The Banker. Basically someone was coming in to scope it out, that way new company can figure out budget and all this financial mumbo-jumbo. The banker says he has to check warehouse and speak to HR rep. Michael feels they have to impress in a big he makes some changes. Much like Lady Gaga does lol.

It's a clip show, which was good because it focused on Toby's memories.

Michael hides Ryan in a closet lol. He makes sure Toby is in the bathroom long enough so Dwight can impersonate him and talk to banker. But Toby does come out and Dwight leaves. Ohhh..and fake Stanley. Funny, but didn't like him lol.

So the banker asks Toby if there are any safety hazards...Toby says none that can come to mind..enter clips of Michael on lift, throwing watermelons off roof, hardcore parkour! The fire! The bat! And many more..then he asks if everyone is generally happy..toby says yes..meanwhile clips of Kelly slapping michael, Pam slapping michael, Jim slapping Dwight, and other

Then the banker asks if there are any sexual harrassment liabilities...that's what she Michael goes to sit in on rest of mtg: where the topic of wasted time and resources. Michael denies it: but come olympics, Michael klump, and the countless pranks Jim has played on Dwight!!! Then the banker asks if anyone is near retirement age..enter clips of Creed!!! And then, the office hookups. Dwight and Angela, Angela and Andy, Michael and Jan, Pam and Roy, and PB&J---pam and Jim!!!!

And they play Darryl' Dunder Mifflin Song...annnnddd Lazy Scranton..the inspiration for this blog...

Yeah great epi!!!

All new epi- Sabre:

A rep from sabre comes to give an orientation. Michael makes Andy and Erin sing a welcome song (to the tune of Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA---gag). They are shown an intro video featuring Christian Slater as himself and Kathy Bates as the CEO of sabre. The rep goes to talk about changes, how the IT guy is blocking YouTube and Twitter. (michael is upset) and how aluminum water bottles eliminate need for plastic and various trips to water cooler. Michael voices his concern to Gabe and the CEO but feels his opinion doesn't count. He runs to David Wallace, who looks a hot mess, and is a bit crazy now. Looovveeee his son who is an awesome drummer!!!!

Side story: Jim and Pam looking to score their kid a spot in a daycare center. Interview is a bit awkward.

Ok my summary skills are lacking toward end. I've been working on this entry for like an hour and a half. That included me watching the latest two episodes, receiving a phone call, and looking up summaries on wikipedia. Lol.

Latest two episodes are online! So def check them out. We get a new one tonight, then a break until march due to the winter olympics..


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