Saturday, October 11, 2008

How do you tell somebody, that you care about deeply, "I told you so"?

I have asked myself that question soooooooooo many times. Yes, Michael how do you do that? Well he didn't have to and he got his point across.

This episode was funny! and displays something many companies do! Hide things under the rug, sooooo true! Why don't they get ethical?? That's another question for another day.

Holly and Michael are perfect for each other and I know she won't be there too much longer but I'd love to see a fight between her and Jan... That would be High-larious!


"the tall guy got engaged!" ok, this one was a pam-less episode, we need her back asap. enough art school.

Having Ryan back is the best thing ever. when Michael says to Ryan "you get me" after he said what was worse then 1 HR rep, he answers 2 HR reps.... hehehe. We don't have HR reps at my job, probably because we aren't a large company, but my career evaluator in High School and in College told me that I should be in HR.... does that mean I'm like Toby and/or Holly??? hmm... another question for another day.

A note to the Office writer: MORE KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Time To Get Ethical!!'s time to get ethical!!!


So last night episode was only 30 minutes (although the Weekend Update from SNL on Thursday was hilarious!)

It was about Holly having an ethics seminar. Michael tries to play it very cool with Holly and supports her decisions, until Meredith reveals she's been involved in some very scandolous activity....and tries to investigate further, even hinting that Meredith might lose her job because of it. Michael's "immunity" was no good for Holly. So Holly ends up having to finish the seminar, but no one wants to go, until Michael comes out of his office and says "If you don't get in the conference room right now I'll kill you!!!"


Jim times every free moment Dwight has, due to Dwight's claim that he spends no personal time on the job, so why was he gone for 19 minutes?????

Great episode...i think what made it better was that i was eating some bomb ribs!!! hmmmmmm.....