Monday, December 15, 2008

The Office DVD Game!

So my friend just bought The Office DVD game. So how did I spend my first Sunday in December? Playing the game!! Yeshhhhhh

So Jessica, Deborah, and I played. Pop in the DVD and Toby is your instructor, he guides you around the DVD, lets you know what all the symbols mean, and what the point of the game is, which is, the first player to get to Michael’s office with 20 Schrute bucks wins!!

The only downside was that the DVD was a bit slow to load, which in seeing other bloggers on the Internet, have posted similar concerns.

There are also tasks that all the players have to do. Like the one that popped up for us was to make and envelope addressed to Dunder Mifflin. We all agreed to skip that task, because that would require us to get up and we were all content in just sitting in front of the television.

What I did like about the game was that it included all the characters! And going around the board was fun too.

Oh yeah…and I won. LOL.

Maybe because the week before I had watched all of Season 2. I need my other dvds….so DVDs…if you’re out there…come back!!!!!

We are trying to plan a Office Game night! We need:
- A large space to play in, such as a living room, basement, etc
- A TV with a DVD player attached
- And food, because you know, we get hungry!

Let us know!

Friday, December 12, 2008

They don’t give out black belts for things that are stupid

You're right Jim, they don't. But can someone seriously give Jim a black belt in office pranks?? He's able to trick Dwight time and time again. Its great.

So this episode was focused mainly around the minor characters like Meredith, Angela and the under utilized Phyllis. She's hilarious! Phyllis is now the head of the Party Planning Committee and loving it! She does a fantastic jobs at all these parties, much better then Angela. At least she brings diversity to the office.

So its a Moroccan Theme and they get a bar in the office and Michael is the bartender, he makes this 5 part alcoholic drink (he calls it a one of everything) and adds sugar to it and Meredith has no problem downing it. He then gives her this "genius drink" called vod-juice-ka. (essentially a screwdriver) and he wonders why no one has ever thought up of a drink like that.

Dwight buys all the must-have dolls for the holidays and sells them to parents extremely overpriced. The dolls are called Princess Unicorn and the catchphrase is “My horn can pierce the sky.” As Dwight said "pathetic" but hearing Michael sing part of the jingle was hilarious!

Michael then sees it evident after Meredith's hair catches on fire (Kevin calls her Fire Girl hahahhaa) that she needs an intervention or otherwise known as a surprise party for people who have addictions. He drags her to a Rehab center, literally drags her in to see where he can make a deposit but is disappointed when he finds out he can't just drop someone off against their will.

Back at the office Dwight is making a fortune of Princess Unicorn and Darryl bought the last one and Toby was going to buy one too so Darryl made him pay an extra 200 dollars for the doll and Toby was soo happy because he was going to be a hero! Then he looks at the doll and its a black doll. I was cracking up cause Darryl was like what's the problem and Toby was like no nothing, its wonderful but his face spoke a thousand words! It was great!!!!!!!!!

Oh and Phyllis totally outed Angela and Dwight to the whole office minus Andy who is still clueless.

P.S. Kelly was Kelly this episode, texting during the boring parts of the party, that's my girl!!!