Monday, May 11, 2009


So last week's episode of THE OFFICE was so great!!!!

Be sure to check out "BOY HANGOVER" by Lester Lewis:

So Michael Scott still has the lease on his old office for MSPC. He turns it into a cafe disco. He says he loves to dance (his dancing reminds me of...a friend. LOL) He invites people to go hang out, but no one really wants to. Kevin makes it down there, but Angela pulls him out, the secretary makes it down there and dances a bit (she comes up with the name cafe disco actually) and Phyllis makes it down there but throws out her back. Dwight and Michael push her into the conference room and Dwight treats her like a horse and massages her back, and takes care of her. Since no one wants to go to the disco Michael tells the secretary to close it down, next thing you know her and Kelly start a party! (enter "BOY HANGOVER")

So everyone eventually makes it down there, and Kelly challenges Andy to a danceoff (I definitely agree with Jess, Kelly is like soooooooooooooo awesome in these episodes!!!!)

Side story: Jim and Pam were going to Ohio to get married, didn't happen, which is good, I would like to see them have a nice wedding.

Cafe Disco was a success. I wish there was one around here....LOL.


Can't wait for the season finale this thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. - need another OFFICE GAME NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kelly Kapoor speaks to ME

It's not a secret that I love Kelly Kapoor, I mean, she's my favorite character on the show. Absolutely my favorite! So of course, I was sooo delighted and excited to see that when the Dunder Mifflin, Inc Newsletter came out, her corner was none other then an Ode to MAC Cosmetics. I too looooooove MAC. LOOOOVVEEEE IT!! Here is the poem:

ODE TO M.A.C.        

            by Kelly Kapoor

When life totally blows and I'm in a dark place,

When nothing can lift my spirits  not even MySpace.

There's one place I can go for a positive encounter,

I grab my credit card and head to the MAC counter.


Dressed in black, your make-up artists embrace androgyny,

They too delight in my favorite science: cosmetology.

I sample your gloss, eye shadow, foundation and mascara,

I buy your products to look like Christina Aguilera.


MAC makes you look edgy and cool, gives you mystique,

It's way better than lame-o Covergirl, Revlon, or Clinique.

I love it more that Britney, General Hospital and Tyra.

Who knows, maybe I'll get a job at MAC after I retire-a.


MAC gives a girl that much-needed dose of glam that I admire,

With my face done, I feel like a celebrity in the pages of The Enquirer.

Sometimes I buy online and my makeup's delivered via FedEx,

There will always be special place in my heart for MAC cosmetics. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Still making everyone laugh!

The past 2 episodes of the Office have been hilarious! HILARIOUS! (I dare you say otherwise). First we have the episode titled "Broke" where the Michael Scott Paper Company (MSPC) finds out they are in fact broke because they are selling there paper really cheap. They managed to scare Dunder Mifflin so much so that hotness himself, David Wallace, had to come down from NYC to Scranton to regulate.  In Scranton we have Charles still there trying to cope with losing clients to Michael and also trying to impress Corporate. One of my fave lines of the night was when David and Charles were going to have a meeting and David calls on Jim but then Charles calls on Dwight and David says: I find that extraordinarily surprising. LOL! Then Dwight says to Jim: Come along, afterthought. hahahahaa!

In this meeting they discuss that they need to buyout MSPC but they have to convince Michael.  Dwight suggests bees and Charles looks like at him like he's INSANE! Jim comes to the rescue and convinces Michael to take meeting and the 3 titans of industry come up for the meeting. Michael is a beast in this meeting. I was terrified for them, TERRIFIED! But man, he killed it! I especially love when he says to David: I don't have to wait out Dunder Mifflin, I think I just have to wait you out. BURNNNNN! All of a sudden he offers 60gs but Michael counteroffers with jobs for all 3 of them instead. And he gets it! Yay!!! Dunder Mifflin would not be the same without Michael.

Fave lines of that epi:

Ryan: Ever since I’ve gotten clean, there’s something about fresh morning air that just really makes me sick.

Michael: Your donuts make me go nuts!

Michael: Well, well, well. How the turntables...

Dwight: Mose in socks. Boom, case closed.

Michael: I don’t care if Ryan murdered his entire family. He is like a son to me.

Michael: Our balls are in your court.

Michael: No, no. You’re done.

Casual Friday was the episode that followed. OMG, Meredith is a trainwreck as per usual. And Phyllis holds her own, and I would be MORTIFIED if I had worn the same outfit as Phyillis. Heck no! There was no particular issue being discussed other then the sales team still being mad at Micheal for stealing customers.

But great performances from the secondary characters. Kelly dressed as JLo (if ya'll don't know already, I heart Mindy Kaling and JLO! So that was just even sweeter to me!) Oscar wore sandals and Angela freaked out. Creed played Chess with Jim, Kevin made chilli and dropped it... soo sad! Dwight wrote messages in urine, yuck, and Meredith, oh dear Meredith, she is crazy. Kelly: Damn it Meredith, where are your panties? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

Fave quotes from this epi:

Michael: I set the rules and you follow them. Blindly, okay?

Meredith: Don’t fall in love with me, kid.

Phyllis: Close your mouth, sweetie, you look like a trout.

Andy: Oh, it is on like a prawn who yawns at dawn.

Michael: I am not to be truffled with.

Ryan: You gotta crack some skulls. Chiklis style.

Jim: With Creed. Playing chess. At work. He’s winning. I feel like I’m describing a dream I had.

Dwight: Gasp. Are you talking about a secret meeting?

Darryl: What’d I tell you about building forts in my warehouse?

Andy: You’re dressed like this amorphous blob of khaki.