Monday, November 24, 2008

New Dunder Mifflin, Inc. Newsletter

I have to agree with Kelly on the whole Jen Aniston thing, it could have been a little more catty then "that was uncool". "I would have been all up in her business like white on rice!"

and then Michael: Here's the thing about this so-called "financial crisis," if it were really bad, people would be jumping out of buildings on Wall Street. No one's jumping out of buildings, so it's probably just the media scaring us again, just like it did about birds catching the flu and cows getting mad.

Nah man, we are seriously in a financial crisis. But we all know whats going to happen!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ryan is leaving!!!!!!!!!

Yea, you read right. Check out the interview here or read below:

Further proof the U.S. economy is in the crapper: It appears layoffs are looming at Dunder Mifflin. Sources confirm to me exclusively that Office actor-writer B.J. Novak is taking a leave of absence from the show to appear in Quentin Tarantino's latest film, Inglourious Basterds. NBC declined to comment, but a Peacock insider says Novak asked producers for the time off and they obliged. But exactly how much time off he'll be getting is subject to some debate. According to one insider, Novak will be MIA for "several episodes" but will return later this season. Another source, however, says Novak may be done with The Office for good, at least as a performer. "He may write more episodes," whispers my mole, "but as far as playing Ryan, I think he's ready to move on."
It's unclear how Novak's absence will be explained on screen, but making Ryan a victim of the current recession would be the logical way to go -- particularly if you-know-who returns to Scranton and decides she wants her old receptionist job back (hint, hint). That raises the question: Would Pam's return to Dunder Mifflin cushion the blow of losing Ryan? And what if Novak is gone for good -- can The Office weather the loss? Comment away!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yay Kelly!

I want a Kelly and Ryan mug.... let me try to get on that.

So this week's episode of the Office started with of course, Michael having everyone believe he was engaged to the point where he almost lied to his own momma about it. Why are they so surprised? Darryl's talking head was hilarious! He says "I'm not a big believer in therapy but I'll go in to my own pocket to cover his co-pay" LOL!

The office writers listened to me, FINALLY! More Kelly is all I wanted and yes we got our dusky, exotic customer service rep back. You just can't come into my nook and call me stupid!!!!!! and so she lied, whatever. She lied about Dwight and Jim's customer reviews because they didn't go to her America's got Talent Finale party. I mean, they had it coming. "Jim Halpert is Smude and Arrogant" He does have a little smudgeness.

and Andy and Angela... Poor Andy is all I got to say about it. He is going to be w/o a tentist and a bride. It obviously looks like Dwight and Angela are heading to the altar on Andy's expense. We'll see....

My fave line of the night, well my 2 fave lines of the night were:

Jim: I want to talk to this guy. Put me in his ear.

Michael: I can't tell you how much leftover guacamole I have ended up eating. Over the years.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wow! An actual update from the creator of this blog.

"Note to the writers: More Kelly! and Pam and Jim just need to be together, this whole long distance thing is not cool."

Well, I'm watching the new episode right now...Jim and Pam are spending every second of the show together and there's plenty 'o' Kelly. Ah-woo-woo. She's in trouble.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holly had to leave!

I liked Holly, yes, she was perfect for Michael but can't wait till he's anguished again for a girl. Those moments are fun!

The Dwight and Andy thing is hilarious! Poor Andy, he's so stupid and so is Dwight. Both of them need to get over Angela and be done with it. She is hoe-ish.

"Life is a Highway" I hate that song yet its sooo catchy and will be stuck in my head all day now.

The cold opening was hilarious! 3 jokers. Creed was the best by far. He's creepy without a costume.

Note to the writers: More Kelly! and Pam and Jim just need to be together, this whole long distance thing is not cool. I know in future episodes she is coming back but its just a waste of time on the show, his brothers are weird, not Jim like at all. And that fake me out stare at the camera? was that an attempt to be like Jim? NO GOOD. They don't need to come back.

Check out the deleted scenes! Especially the 3rd one, Hilarious! Darryl comes up with a car game called cow surfing, when you see a cow, the last one to say Jackson 5 has to ride the cow! Obviously not a real game but soo funny, next road trip guys, lets play cow surfing.

and now the Top 5 fave lines from the episode:

5. Kelly: Who are you, Larry King?
4. Andy: That's bobble big red bear!
3. Andy: Applicant has head shaped like a trapezoid.
2. Darryl on his phone: Please call me back. Please!
1. Michael to Holly: Did Darryl touch you?