Friday, April 25, 2008

I would like some chicken fingers and a midori sour

I hear you Michael Scott!

I don't know if you know this already but I'm a huge fan of Kelly Kapoor played by the creatively talented Vera Chokalingam aka Mindy Kaling. She writes really well for the Office and yesterday was not an exception. Yesterday's episode had to be one of the funniest I had seen in a while. Yes, Ryan has a drug problem...Toby loves Pam and now is moving to Costa Rica, Jim trying to be Michael (you saw how he automatically assumed the cleaning people were spanish!!) that's such a Michael thing. The peanut butter head, the hobbit, "I'm a bank teller", "I say let's hear it for the boys" And obviously, my favorite line of the night: "Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one: How dare you!" YAY Kelly!!!

And so everyone can have a reference to which episodes Mindy has written, here they are:

"Hot Girl"
"The Dundies" Top 5
"The Injury" Top 5
"Take Your Daughter to Work Day"
"Diwali" Top 5
"Ben Franklin"
"Branch Wars"
"Night Out"

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Guess who?

So don't know if you guys heard but someone is leaving the office at the end of the season!!! I know!!!!!!!!! I'm shocked and appalled. But this is tied to the fact that they are doing a spinoff for the Office. Office 2.0. (I heard Amanda Peet will be on the show) So who do you think is leaving?? Since I heard Andy will be on the new show I'm assuming its him but I also think Jim may leave.... I know, I would be heartbroken! But I don't think they'll not show him, he'll just have another job, PA sportswriter, like when he was in Stamford. That would be a bad choice. It makes me sad that anyone would have to leave... What if it was Stanley?!?!?!?! Every office needs a middle aged black man with sass.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Don't Go in There After Me

Kevin was given this dundie for the time Michael went into the bathroom after Kevin and it smelled really bad.

I just went to the bathroom and it smelled horrible!!!!!!!! OMG! Whoever stank up the place wins the dundie. Stank!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Limitless Paper in a Paperless World

I am super busy today and have so much to do at work, my personal study, my meeting preparation (finish it cause I already started) and study for my math exam that I really shouldn't have time for extra-curricular activities today such as fill out email questionnaires or check out what's new over at banana republic. No, what I should be doing is work.... yet I find myself on Lazy Scranton pondering my next post.

My co-worker comes to me today to ask me if I know an episode on the office where they were talking about advertising for paper and then I was like of course I do!!! At first I thought it was the Dunder Mifflin Infinity but then after searching I see that its the Local Ad episode she is talking about. I think that was one of the funniest episodes this season. Especially since Andy couldn't remember the end of the jingle for Kit Kat Bar.

Break me off a piece of that...


Chrysler car.

Football cream.

Grey Poupon.

And let us not forget Kevin's Kool Aid Man face... That was great!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The logical next step is... have Jan find Michael in some bar making out with some big-bosomed, blonde, floozy, realize she still loves him, and has to win an amateur jello-wrestling contest at the bar with the aforementioned, big-bosomed, blonde floozy to win back his heart.

There's only one way for Jim to propose to Pam...

...and that's to encase the ring in Jello.

On a completely unrelated note, maybe Mindy is pregnant and not writing herself into a lot of scripts to hide it. Seems like that would be easy to hide in an office behind desks and what not though.

I lost a penny out of my loafers, Oscar.

"Andrew Bernard is the name of me"

Poor Andy. No, how about poor Kevin!!! He was not having a good day yesterday. Although making him walk would do him good but he couldn't even catch his breath. I mean he said "As God as my witness, I'll quit if this is not fixed". But then when Andy left his cell phone in his car and had to go back, Phyllis' response had me cracking up...

Andy: I left my cell phone in my car.
Phyllis: Call us when you get there so we know you’re okay.

I mean, he wasn't walking to Siberia. I bet you the parking lot was across the street.

Oh and how about Jim buying Pam's engagement ring a week after they started dating.... my heart just melted. (I know, its so very girly of me, deal with it)

And again no KELLY!?!?!?! We got two shots of her and that's it. She's hilarious! We need to do a Diwali type episode again. Get on that Mindy Kaling.


The Office Dwight & Michael Bobblehead Set
LIMITED TIME OFFER:Buy Michael & Dwight together and save $18! That’s like getting Dwight for only a buck! But hurry! This offer is only good through April 25, 2008! It’s the power hungry office sycophant, Dwight Schrute, and his unwittingly mean, sometimes offensive and unfunny boss Michael Scott, as The Office Dwight & Michael Bobblehead Set. The ‘’know it all’’ and the ‘’comedian,’’ each vying to be the center of attention in your office. And, as usual, Michael has a lot to say. Simply press his button and get an earful of his most common catch phrases: • "That's what she said" • "I hate so much about the things that you choose to be." • "It's really beyond words… it's really incalculable." • "Shut it." • "I like waking up to the smell of bacon. Sue me." • "Dinkin Flicka!"

Thursday, April 17, 2008


According to, the new episode is titled: Chair Model

Michael begins a fascination with a woman modeling a chair in an office supply catalog while Kevin and Andy are determined to win back stolen parking spaces,forcing them into a showdown with the bosses of the five businesses of the office park.

Let us know what you think!!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snip snap snip snap snip snap

Loved this episode!!! A little dissapointed that Ms. Kapoor was not featured as much as she needs to be (because Mindy Kaling is hilarious!!) but overall still a good episode.

Fave lines are:

Jan: The osso bucco needs to braise for about three hours. Everything else is done.
Pam: Three hours from now, or three hours from earlier, like four o’clock?
Jan: You know, Pam, in Spain, they often don’t even start eating until midnight.
Michael: When in Rome …

Pam: I don’t care what they say about me. I just want to eat. Which I realize is a lot to ask for. At a dinner party.

Jan: Could you just simmer down. (reminds me of the SNL episode with .... I just forgot her name!!! but she is like simmmaaa down naaaa... 70's disco queen? now her name backwards? suummmerrr ddooonnnaaa!! Ok I totally digressed)

Michael: Snip, snap, snip, snap, snip, snap!

Michael: You have no idea the physical toll that three vasectomies have on a person!

Pam: This is the best burger I have ever had, babe.

and since the episode went sans Kelly here's a photo so you won't miss her as much as I did!


So the first episode since the writer's strike totally rocked! I love the part when they are arguing about the vasectomy. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh and when Dwight brings his "date" to the party. LOL. Oh and when Jim claims his apartment flooded and tried to take Pam too but was willing to leave her on her own when it was pointed out that two people were not needed for that.

another good part....

Pam Beesly: What a cute bench.

Michael Scott: Thanks, that's my bed. Jan has, uh, some space issues so I crawl up on that puppy.

Jim Halpert: Really? 'Cause it seems pretty narrow...and short.

Michael Scott: It's actually a lot bigger than it seems. Look at this. (huddles into a fetal position on the bench)

Jan: See? He fits perfectly.

What did everyone think of the new episode????

Monday, April 14, 2008

Un-Shun vs. Re-Shun vs Shunning

Hey Folks,

You guys sleeping... why is no one talking on the Lazy Scranton blogger...Where are the fans?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Office spinoff????

"Details of The Office spinoff, from the same creative team, are being kept under wraps, but it will include some cast members, premiere after the Super Bowl, and then follow The Office on Thursdays in February. In that same slot, Saturday Night Live plans for live specials in October with sketches mocking the presidential campaigns."

What do we think? Good idea? Bad idea? Same writers so I don't doubt it will be funny.... but why mess up a good thing?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Netflix explained by Kelly Kapoor

So then the next movie moves to the top of the queue. So number five becomes number four, number six becomes number 5, number three becomes number two, etcetera, etcetera. And let's just say that I just sent back Love Actually, which was awesome, and they sent me Uptown Girls, which is also awesome, but guess what? Now I want to see Love Actually again but it's at the bottom of the queue! Oh no! What do I do? What I do is this: I go online, I go click click click, and I change the order of the queue so that I can see Love Actually as soon as I want to. It's so easy Ryan! Do you really not know how NetFlix works?


Bom dia!

Do you want to put your cow orker's staper in jello? How about their phone or their mouse? Here's some instructions:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So today is April 1, 2008. And on my Dunder Mifflin calendar Toby Flenderson and Stanley Hudson are the employees of the month. Let me write about TOBY for now. Ok Toby is nice. And he secretly loved Pam, and I liked in the Benihana Christmas episode when they gave everyone bathrobes and they were one short so Michael told Dwight to take it from Toby, so Dwight goes and snatches it from Toby and he says "WHY?".

Also on my calendar it gives me some facts about TOBY:
Position: Human-resources rep
My boss calls me: Worthless, Everything That's Wrong with the Paper Industry, The Devil's Butthole, The Mayer of Creepsville, Gargamel, Human Fart
Marital Status: Divorced with one daughter, Sasha
Currently Reading: If You Really Knew Me, Would You Still LIke Me? Building Self Confidence
Favorite movies: Say Anything, This Shining, Annie Hall, Toy Story 2
Has never won: A Dundie Award

And it has a comment by Toby:
So when I finally re-did our health care plan, I picked an HMO. And Michael came to me and he said "Why'd you pick a homo?" And I said "I didn't. And that's a derogatory word for a gay person." And he said, "That's what you are." And I said, "Okay, I gotta go." And he called me a slut.

Another comment:
After Michael grilled his foot, he spent three months inventing a foot-safe version of the George Foreman grill. He called it the "Magic No-Ouchie Meat Machine." It's actually a George Foreman grill in a bunny cage.

HAHAHAHAHA. that's funny. But whhhhhy does Michael hate him so? Feel free to post an opinion on that one. Oh and I saw DAN IN REAL LIFE on sunday with Steve Carrell. It was cute. Anyone see it? what you think?