Friday, February 27, 2009


So the past two episodes...Lecture Circuit 1 and 2...I dunno. Not much to write about. They were ok. Not the worst, but not the greatest. come on kelly...

ok IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY. that was nice, and that's pretty much it.

No new episodes until March 5...I know, I am disappointed too.

LOST, however, is awesome. Deb can back me up on that one.


Monday, February 16, 2009


How about I am too lazy to write a review from last week's episode. I am at work on Prez day, while courts and banks and everything else is closed. And I kinda forgot what it was about... (I'm having the worse memory lately). So I decided to write random stuff they said in the episode.

How do you hate it? Its cake!; Princess Lady; I'm not writing Horse Hunt; Forever stop that story; Why is there a chiclet on my cake?; I'm too excited to sleep!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Awww, Missing the action!

Awe I missed the party, serving in Dominican Republic is nice, but at the risk of missing "the office" parties and office trivia games is not so good. I wish I had been there, wait Jessica would I have been invited?

So, question? I have friends comming here in March, who thinks they can make me a disc with the most recent episodes, is that even a possiblity? I need to get caught up on the latest happenings in Scranton. (shakes head) I'm stuck office, no fun! (sighs).

(lost member)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Screw You Guys!!!!

So if we can recall the Duel episode where David Wallace called Michael up for a meeting to tell him that he's doing a great job and outselling the other branches, and the rest of the office had a debate about Hillary Swank (for the record, she's not hot, not one bit), the CFO now has Michael giving lectures to the other branches on success and how they can increase sales. (That's a terrific run-on sentence). Now Michael and Pam, the hot roadie, go on the road for these lectures. They have to go to Utica where Jim's ex, Karen, is the Regional Manager. I know it must have been tough for Pam. Like extremely awkward.

Back at the office, Jim and Dwight are now head of the Party Planning committee and they have a talking head together, its soo funny. They are very annoyed by the fact they have to do these parties. And of course, they forget the first party during their reign, none other then Kelly! She is not hiding the fact either. "Screw you guys, you're dead to me!" They finally get it together and start planning a belated party for Kelly and Dwight tactfully asks: "What kind of cake do you want, imbecile?" Kelly: "Ice cream". Good choice! They go around asking for contributions and Creed gives them a $3 dollar bill… HILARIOUS!

At Utica, Karen comes to greet Michael and Pam and they are both stunned that she is MIA pregnant (please refer to the Grammys last night). Karen has gotten married to a dermatologist and is with child. Everything seems to be ok with Pam and they hug and all that niceness. Pam is extremely happy she is over that hurdle of awkwardness because she doesn't even like that someone out there hates her. The actual lecture part was classic Michael filled with racism, sexism and assumptions. "She is pregnant. She is knocked-up, K, Karen"

Ohhh and Andy is trying to get with a girl. I didn't care for this storyline. He does ask other people what to do and Creed tells him to kiss her and he does... and loses a client!

At the end of the Utica lecture, Michael realizes he needs to get closure with Holly and it makes it seem like they are going to go visit her. We will also see how Kelly's party goes down, I can't wait. Especially with Dwight's sign "It is your birthday" To be continued…



So here is my review on Game Night, and Superbowl epi. First, I would like to thank the little people who made game night possible:

Emma: For buying the game! (I still owe you $10!) and for bringing that yummy bread!! And helping with food prep.
Anaid: For opening her doors, even though before the event the cops were there, I def recommend game night be at Anaid’s house in the future! Ohhh and for the cheesecake. Yummy
Jess and Deb: for taking us to Costco to buy lasagna and taquitos! Thanks to Deb in the food prep dept!
Brian: Thanks for the chips and dip!
TJ: thanks for bringing drinks. Next time it will be “drink” drinks hahaha.
John, Mike, Pedro, Marilu, Rut: Thanks for plates and napkins…we couldn’t have eaten anything without it!! Thanks to Rut for taking pics!!!
Edgar and Ulises: Thanks for coming!! Ok yeah you didn’t bring anything, but it was very nice having you there….:)
And I’d like to thank myself…hahaha. Kidding.

So game night was fun!! Like prison mike said, I forgot the game. And I would like to take the time to (in writing) apologize to Jess and Deb for saying they had it, when all along it was under my desk in my room. (I swore on my undead mothers’ grave that they had it LOL) so thanks to john and mike for taking me home. Once we had game in possession we divided in teams. Brian, Jess, TJ and myself were team captains.

All in all the game was fun, definitely some questions that had me scratching my head…as a self proclaimed office expert I was definitely put to shame ( I think I am using the word “definitely” too much). We lost!! We barely accumulated Schrute bucks, and I think we were even at the point where we owed people money!!!

So Team Jim won…that team consisted of Brian, Prison Mike, and Edgar. Congrats.

In second place, team Kelly

In third – team Stanley…I thought it was hilarious that since TJ was captain he chose the black character to represent hahahaha!

And in last place, team PAM!!! (that's Marilu covering her face...shame? I dunno)

Definitely (see…there I go with that word again) a good time had by all. Good food and good laughs. Yes, everyone thought it was hysterical seeing TJ reenact my falling incident. Hahahaha.

And Prison Mike, we’ll be sure to provide more taquitos for the next one.

And now for my review of the superbowl epi “Stress Relief”. Good job to whomever at “The Office” that won that spot after the Superbowl!

So after riding in the car back from Eastern Shore, I made it to Edgar’s house in time to catch the end of the Superbowl. It took forever to finish when there were clearly 2 minutes left on the clock. And I wasn’t really impressed by the ads. What kept me awake and….what’s the English word for “aguantando”….. enduring my annoying knee pain was the fact that we were getting a new “The Office” episode.

Let me tell you, best cold opening I have seen…ever! It’s up there with the opening from “Product Recall” Season 3 - when Jim dresses up like Dwight. Oh and the opening in “The Injury” Season 2 when Dwight hits the pole with his car and rushes off to pick up Michael after throwing up on the back of his car!!! And when Jim puts Dwight’s’ personal effects in the vending machine..I can go on…

Ok so Dwight decides to teach his fellow employees a lesson in fire safety (he tried showing them via Powerpoint, but no one paid attention, so he said Powerpoint was boring – sidenote, when Jess and I were at crownsville on 2/5/09 and the overseer said we would go over safety by watching Powerpoint we were cracking up!!!) , by creating a situation in the office where everyone ends up fending for themselves to save their lives. Oscar goes through the ceiling, Angela throws her hidden cat Bandit through the ceiling, causing him to come down the other side, and Kevin breaks the vending machine with a chair to steal all the goodies!! Jim grabs the copy machine and destroys it for sure (when the fire extinguisher is inches away) to break open a door. Oh yeah awesome part was that they actually knock over the cameraman, so you see how hectic it got in the office. Dwight then announces that it was a drill. Stanley, traumatized, falls to the ground, he suffered a heart attack!! Michael yells at him that Obama is president and that he is black, and stuffs his wallet in Stanley’s mouth so that he doesn’t swallow his tongue. This event lands Dwight in a meeting with Corporate. But doesn't get fired. See now, the one time in MY office when I almost started a fire, the FBI was all up on that, calling the fire department and were very angry that it smelled like smoke in the building!!! (I couldn't get near a microwave for weeks!! *shiver*) Anywho, Stanley comes back to the office, where he is told to take it easy or else he’ll die. ****addition to post...thanks Jess for the reminder!! So a guest comes into the office for CPR training etc, with a dummy so that they can practice on. So Kevin goes up there, and he's doing CPR, and gets tired after 20 seconds and says "call it". Michael goes up next and doesn't know how to perform CPR and so the instructor says to do compressions to the beat of "Stayin' Alive". Michael says ok, and starts singing "first I was afraid, I was petrified..." and goes for it. WRONG SONG PEOPLE!!! so the instructor says "no...try.. HA HA HA HA STAYIN ALIVE" and he goes ok and does it correctly. Unsurprisingly, Andy starts singing along, and Kelly starts dancing!!! This gets everyone in a dancing mood, Michael stops the CPR and starts dancing along hahaha! The instructor puts an end to it, and says they let the dummy die. HAHAHAHA. Dwight goes up there and says you still have time to harvest the organs and goes Hannibal Lector and carves the face out of the dummy and puts it on his own face. HILARIOUS. This lands Dwight in meeting number two in corporate. Michael is unpleased with the training so he makes his own stress relieving session. ***Stanley has a little machine that beeps faster when he is getting stressed out, and turns out that Michael is the cause of his stress. That causes Michael to have somewhat of an identity crisis…is that the right term? I don’t know, but he doesn’t show up at work the next day, and we see him in a park on a swing. He tries to feed some pigeons (but there are no birds around…as Chris nicely pointed out all the birds migrated south for the winter!)

Michael comes back to the office and says that they will have a ROAST…a la Comedy Central style…which turned out to be hilarious. He couldn’t take it though, which continues to confirm to us that he longs to have everyone’s approval. He comes back to the office with some roasts of his own. BOOM! Roasted. LOL.

Side stories: Andy downloaded a bootleg movie and wanted Pam and Jim to critique it. This bootleg movie starred Jack Black, Jessica Alba, and Cloris Leachman. I think its good “The Office” wanted to have guest stars and whatnot, but I think it’s even greater that they were not written in to interact with the office employees. Also, I seriously could have done without the grandma make-out session. I told Pedro to close his eyes several times LOL.
Another side story was that Pam’s parents were having issues, so Pam asked Jim to talk to the dad. Man to man...well apparently Jim gave some bad advice because Beasley father decided to separate from his mom. Nail-biting moment when Pam confronted Jim about it, but turns out Jim had expressed his pure love for Pam and Beasley father realized he never felt that way for his wife, and felt it was best to move on.

The episode was very long, but I really enjoyed it. I watched it several times online! And yes, it was definitely (again?!!?) a reminder of why I love the show so much. It reflected the essence of “The Office” and was Season 2 Funny. Season 2 is the best people!!! No one can dispute that.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Bero – ready for a rematch!!

P.S. - and powerpoint isn't boring!! I WAS SOOOO CLOSE TO GETTING THAT PINK IPOD NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Friday, February 6, 2009

Game Night

Hmmm game night what can i say what can i say.

Well it didn't start off as well as we would have hoped because for 1 we were a half hour late and 2 the game wasn't there. Had to help Bero there go and get the game from her house but once we got the game up and running it was good.

Had this awesome lasagne (sp), i didnt do well in school as u can see, anyways it was from costco and it was sooooooooooooo good. Next party is all gonna be catered by Costco!

Moving on, we had four different teams. Lets see if i can remember the team names: umm Team Jim (#1 team), team stanley, team pam, and last uh what was the name, hmmmm ummm.....oh and team kelly! ha i remembered.

As part of the winning team, i would love to say that it was an awesome game, LOVED it! Except for the fact that all the other teams got all the easy questions, well most of the easy questions and they all kept getting 3 shrute bucks for the easy stuff, my team kept getting 1 shrute buck. I mean come on now! towards the end we finally started getting 2 or 3 randomly. I believe by the time we got to the end we got sent back to uh, well i cant remember, but we got sent back because we didnt have enough money by the time we got to Micheals office to win, fortunatly we kept getting most of the answers right and we won! yay! winning is fun, though not everything ok *turns around and whispers* yes it is....yup not everything.

After we played the game we watched a few episodes of the office of course, it wouldnt be the same without it!

Thats all i have to say about game night. hope we do it again sometime and this time have more of those tacitos they were awesome! oh and the lasagne(sp) to.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mindy Kaling Interview

Hey guys! So Mindy Kaling (aka Kelly Kapoor) had an online chat with the Washington Post today. It was awesome as always and gives us some details about our beloved show.

Here is the link to the transcript (

And here is a copy of the transcript:

(by the way, I know we are a little behind on the reviews from game night and for the show, especially with the superbowl episode... "PowerPoint is boring." "Stanley was attacked by his own heart" "I state my regret" "Boom! Roasted."... but it should be posted pretty soon.)

Mindy Kaling on 'Office' Life
'The Office' Keeps Her Busy as an Actor, Scribe and Producer
Actor, Writer, Producer
Thursday, February 5, 2009; 11:00 AM

Fans of NBC's hit comedy The Office know Mindy Kaling as the ever shallow and typically clueless office drone Kelly Kapoor. Kaling is also one of the show's writers (in fact, she wrote Thursday's episode, 'Lecture Circuit,' which sees big boss Michael Scott going on a speaking tour with typically awkward results) and one of its producers.

She was online Thursday, February 5 to discuss the current season (including the show's winning the coveted post-Super Bowl slot) as well as what it's like to be a key player on and for one of TV's funniest shows.

A transcript follows.

____________________ Mindy should be joining us shortly. Thanks!


Mindy Kaling: Hey everyone, looking forward to chatting with you today!


Washington, D.C.: While waiting for you to arrive, I've come to the conclusion that that blue gown your wore to the SAG awards is really gorgeous, and an amazing color for you. Kelly Kapoor would definitely approve when she saw your picture in the celeb mags!

Mindy Kaling: I would like to give my grateful thanks for that. It was kind of a huge drama picking that dress. I usually wear black because it's the best choice when you're not a size zero. But at the last minute I was like, screw this, I'm wearing the blue. And I'm glad I did. Although I was scared I would look like Cookie Monster, so I'm glad you complimented it. Thank you!


Seattle, Wash.: Ryan and Kelly's awesome/horrible relationship is one of my favorite things about the show. Can we expect to see much more of that this season?

Also, getting up to dance when Michael started singing Stayin' Alive was genius.

Mindy Kaling: Regarding the dancing, there's a part in that old cartoon show, Fat Albert, where the gang would sometimes dance and they'd cut away and everyone would be in mid-dance. That was the inspiration. And I don't think I had that many lines in that episode, but it did capture what a really horrible dancer I am, so I'm glad that the millions of people who watched that episode after the Super Bowl got to see my skills.

You'll see more of Ryan and Kelly for the rest of the year as the Ryan character comes back from Thailand. B.J. and I have a lot of fun doing those scenes since we're both writers and we're best friends.


Richmond, Va.: Aside from Kelly, who is your favorite character on "The Office" to write for?

Mindy Kaling: I love writing for Dwight because he has one of the richest back stories of any of the characters. He is a farmer who is part Amish, who has war criminal relatives, and who was involved in a secret love triangle. And has a nine bedroom, possibly haunted hotel/farm. He has such a colorful past and Rainn is such a gifted actor that it's like a great treasure map writing for his character.


Annandale, Va.: Hi Mindy -- I'm a big fan of Things I Bought That I Love. Hope you will have time to keep updating it!

Mindy Kaling: I don't consider myself a fashion person, I consider myself a shopping person. As a person who has girlie interests and a little bit of disposable income and is also a comedy writer, it's so fun to write about these little Hollywood discoveries to my friends who are not in the business. And I love it because it's an outlet for comedy writing and consumerism. So I love that people read it.

Oh, and, my blog is recession proof -- I'll keep shopping irresponsibly throughout this recession that we're in.


Washington, D.C.: Which comes first when you write: the "that's what she said" line or the line that elicits said response?

Mindy Kaling: "That's what she said" in our writing room has become so commonplace, that we've had to put a moratorium on it. What comes first is almost always the set up and the "that's what she said" comes after.


Lakeland, Fla.: What's your favorite episode you have written?

Mindy Kaling: I think my favorite episode (and it's always changing, since I've penned so many great ones, classics really) is "Hot Girl" because I've recently seen Amy Adams at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globes. Since she was the hot girl in my episode five years ago, it's fun to see her rack up so many nominations and become such a decorated actress.


Chicago: Will a new love interest be introduced for Michael or are you planning on bringing Holly back? I feel like the Jan storyline is played out at this point.

Mindy Kaling: I think we are invested as writers in discovering new love interests for Michael and of course Amy Ryan is a huge asset to the show. Given her movie schedule right now, it's hard to say when she will be able to come back, but we'd love to have her come back.


Washington, D.C.: How do the broad topics of the episodes come to fruition? For example, the emergency planning is pretty funny. It's all the rage in a lot of work places these days. How do you writers know that?!? I also especially enjoyed the ethics seminar/meeting.

Mindy Kaling: All the writers go home for the holidays and have our friends and relatives tell us what their work lives are like. It's not surprising when you write for "The Office" that you have your whole extended family telling you their office anecdotes.

And when Ryan's character was found guilty of fraud last year and we had Amy Ryan on the show, it seemed like a minefield of comedy to have her run an ethics seminar. That business ethics scene, where they sing Let's Get Ethical, is probably one of my favorite moments of this whole season. It was so awful/wonderful. I couldn't believe it. Amy Ryan should get an Oscar for playing the best dork ever.


Lancaster, Pa.: a.) Have you ever received any complaints from any Amish about Dwight's character? And b.) How would they know?

Mindy Kaling: We were smart when we picked the Amish to characterize every so often because truly they would never have any idea. Maybe that's cowardly of us, but it works for us. The turnaround time for complaints from the Amish is suitable for a fast-moving TV schedule.


Hershey, Pa.: Hi, Mindy! Do you ever find it challenging to write for any of the characters? I would think that some are easier to write for than others.

Mindy Kaling: I find it certainly challenging to write for Creed because his character is so eccentric, that you really do need to make sure to reign it in. According to our show, if you look at all of the details, he's like 105 years old, he sleeps at the office, he's fathered dozens of children. Oh, and he was a huge action film star in China in the 70s. So I've found it challenging to write for him because there are almost no constraints.


Arlington, Va.: Not a question, but you might chuckle. My son and many pals, inspired by Dwight and pranks from "The Office", periodically conduct an elaborate "Assassin" game during class breaks in and around lockers throughout their very large, four floor high school here in Arlington. You die with "beet bombs" (fresh beets placed in the bottom of someone's locker). Last player "standing" at day's end wins. It's co-ed, there's team work, secret and shifting alliances, money changing hands for "locker protection", sabotage, etc. I thought I was seeing a huge breakthrough in his commitment to academics this winter, but it's just he can't wait to get to school every day to play Assassin between classes. Thanks (I think...?) for the inspiration....

Mindy Kaling: You're welcome. I'm happy the show is inspiring your child to play creative games, but I am sorry he's not studying for his SATs.


Washington, D.C.: My wife, who is Indian, worships you for your portrayal of the Kelly character. It escapes the tired stereotypes of South Asians but doesn't run away from her ethnicity (for example, in the Diwali scene). The character is ditzy without being stupid, yet is also assertive and clever with a barb. Total lack of pretension.

I just think you're hilarious. Sorry this is a comment, not a question.

Mindy Kaling: I'd like to say to this man that we should run away together. Let's run away together; thank you for your compliment. I think the Kelly character is fun to play because she's not a role model for anybody. Although I do sometimes believe my parents wish I played a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins.


Arlington, Va.: Thanks for working so hard at keeping this show real and "wicked" funny. Love how you are developing various characters/spreading attention around, e.g., Pam and Angela, Andy more appealing now after Super Bowl episode. Which brings me to my question: While loving John Krasinski as "a tall drink of water", and Jim's camera expressions and pranks, we ever going to get to know him as a person a bit, what he's about besides devotion to Pam?

Mindy Kaling: The Jim character is, in many ways, the smartest character on the show because he is the most private. He doesn't confess things to the camera and let the camera see his vulnerabilities as much as the other characters do. And the minute he does that, I think one of the tent poles of the show becomes weakened. But his character has aged five years since the beginning of the show and we will show what the maturing of that character will look like this season. He's getting married now and he has a mortgage. So he's more of an adult with adult problems.


Mindy Kaling: I hope everyone watches tonight's episode and then next week's, which is also mine. And then you don't have to watch the show anymore, just my episodes.

Seriously, thank you so much for all of your questions and I'm sorry I couldn't get to more of them.