Thursday, February 11, 2010

Been awhile!!!

So these are the 4 episodes I'm going to recap: Scott's Tots, Secret Santa, The Banker, and Sabre..if I can remember!!

Scott's Tots: 10 years ago Michael Scott made a promise to a classroom full of kids that he would pay their college tuition if they succeeded in school and reached graduation.

That blew up in his face!!! How he got out of it..I don't But Stanley laughed at a picture of Michael in the newspaper. I do remember that much lol.

Secret Santa: Jim let's Phyllis dress as Santa. Unorthodox to Michael's standards, since he was dressed up as Santa too. So they compete for the staff' affection. THEN michael goes into his office, turns his suit inside out and becomes Jesus. Why, Michael, why?!?

Well Michael finds out that the company will be bought, so everyone thinks they are folding. They call David Wallace and find out that the branches will remain open, just higher-level people like himself are out. Nooooo we can't lose David Wallace?!? (Seen him in person...nice. Lol.) so all is well in Scranton.

So then we get winter break and in January we got 2 new episodes (one if which I was out of country....I don't like missing the office!!!) watching online isn't the same!!!

Well it was called The Banker. Basically someone was coming in to scope it out, that way new company can figure out budget and all this financial mumbo-jumbo. The banker says he has to check warehouse and speak to HR rep. Michael feels they have to impress in a big he makes some changes. Much like Lady Gaga does lol.

It's a clip show, which was good because it focused on Toby's memories.

Michael hides Ryan in a closet lol. He makes sure Toby is in the bathroom long enough so Dwight can impersonate him and talk to banker. But Toby does come out and Dwight leaves. Ohhh..and fake Stanley. Funny, but didn't like him lol.

So the banker asks Toby if there are any safety hazards...Toby says none that can come to mind..enter clips of Michael on lift, throwing watermelons off roof, hardcore parkour! The fire! The bat! And many more..then he asks if everyone is generally happy..toby says yes..meanwhile clips of Kelly slapping michael, Pam slapping michael, Jim slapping Dwight, and other

Then the banker asks if there are any sexual harrassment liabilities...that's what she Michael goes to sit in on rest of mtg: where the topic of wasted time and resources. Michael denies it: but come olympics, Michael klump, and the countless pranks Jim has played on Dwight!!! Then the banker asks if anyone is near retirement age..enter clips of Creed!!! And then, the office hookups. Dwight and Angela, Angela and Andy, Michael and Jan, Pam and Roy, and PB&J---pam and Jim!!!!

And they play Darryl' Dunder Mifflin Song...annnnddd Lazy Scranton..the inspiration for this blog...

Yeah great epi!!!

All new epi- Sabre:

A rep from sabre comes to give an orientation. Michael makes Andy and Erin sing a welcome song (to the tune of Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA---gag). They are shown an intro video featuring Christian Slater as himself and Kathy Bates as the CEO of sabre. The rep goes to talk about changes, how the IT guy is blocking YouTube and Twitter. (michael is upset) and how aluminum water bottles eliminate need for plastic and various trips to water cooler. Michael voices his concern to Gabe and the CEO but feels his opinion doesn't count. He runs to David Wallace, who looks a hot mess, and is a bit crazy now. Looovveeee his son who is an awesome drummer!!!!

Side story: Jim and Pam looking to score their kid a spot in a daycare center. Interview is a bit awkward.

Ok my summary skills are lacking toward end. I've been working on this entry for like an hour and a half. That included me watching the latest two episodes, receiving a phone call, and looking up summaries on wikipedia. Lol.

Latest two episodes are online! So def check them out. We get a new one tonight, then a break until march due to the winter olympics..


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