Thursday, February 11, 2010

Manager and Salesman

Ok so I attempted this real-time Live Blogging thing. It was cool, but I don't enjoy the show as much so I may have to re-watch the episode. So here's the entry:

Hey guys! I am attempting to blog in real-time the new Office episode entitled "Manager and Salesman". Comcast's description is the following: In the wake of Sabre's buyout of Dunder Mifflin, new CEO Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates) arrives in Scranton, awing the staffers with her charismatic southern style. But Bennett is against having two branch managers, a policy shift that impacts Michael and Jim. (Mindy Kaling wrote this episode, she's awesome!!!)

9:00-Parks and Rec is still on... um NBC, its office time.

9:00-Michael is calling a hotel in Canada and the Olympics... he had a room for the Olympics! But he cancelled.

9:02- Andy is in the opening credits!!!

9:02- Wow, dalmatians. Kathy Bates! Love her.

9:02- Dwight will only stand up for the President or Judge Judy.

9:03-Someone is going get fired from Regional Manager...Jim or Michael

9:04- Someone is going to be back in Sales.

9:05- LOVE KATHY BATES!! Her character is a breast cancer survivor.

9:05- ummm how cute are Andy and Erin!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

9:06- Roger Federer has cologne?

9:06- chop chop little onion

9:07- Michael thinks Tallahasse is in Texas

9:08- I love her southern accent (Jo Bennett)

9:08- Kelly thinks Andy likes her!!!!!!! OMGGGGG, this is a disaster.

9:08- Looks like Jim wants to be a salesperson... more $$$

9:09- "The Alantic is my favorite ocean"-Michael

9:10- Jim is going to be the manager!?!?!?!! Dags, I know he's upset.

9:10- commercial break, this is a little difficult. Typing on my laptop has a challenge. My finger keeps going over the mousepad area... what is that called? Can't remember. My sis switching channels to Grey's Anatomy (this show stopped being good after season 2)

9:12- Rashida Jones is in Cop Out?!?! Aww man!

9:13- Wow, Pam is really pregnant.

9:13- Ryan and a blue scarf. So Ryan and Dwight are in cahoots against Jim.

9:14- Michael as a sales manager, this is going to be hilarious. Jim to Michael: you gotta do something now, you can't just sit there.

9:15- Erin is an awesome secretary.

9:16- OMG, Kelly is telling Erin about Andy's card. And Erin loves Kelly! "She can sing, dance..." Yes, Kelly's awesome.

9:17- Does Ryan still work at Dunder-Mifflin? Ryan crushed a can after 3 tries and Dwight crushes an apple.

9:19-Phyllis stinks. LOL. It is due to her allergy medicine. Really? Hmm, that may explain some things about certain people.

9:19- back to Greys... McSteamy has a daughter?!?!?! and she's preggers? What is going on?

9:21- the hot guy from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is on Greys now!!! wow, he's pretty.

9:23- Kelly's skirt is cute. and she kissed Andy. wow!

9:24- "I wished we had one of the amnesia guns from Men in Black"

9:25- Andy never liked Kelly. (well duh)

9:27- Dwight was all cocky about Jim not being Regional Manager anymore. Jim put Dwight's tie in his coffee cup. Everything is back to normal!

9:30- Ryan and Dwight... LOL. "Martini bars are pretentious."

I would have like to have added a little more of my commentary but I was focusing on the episode. I'll try to do it again. For now, NBC will be airing the Olympics for like a month! So the Office won't be back till March. When Pam and Jim's baby will be born! WOO!

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