Friday, September 24, 2010

season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. We really waited a long time to blog. Yes we did!! Ok, this might be a little confusing so I color coded this blog entry. Bero is black (teehheehee) and I'm purple.

lots has happened in life! but we stay loyal to the office. (which reminds me...need to go purchase season 6!) I'm currently addicted to playing Words with Friends (user names: JessPena and pinkybero) so best believe I was playing while watching the Office.

so last night was the season premiere of season 7.

LOVED the cold opening. Toby recorded the office crew with lip dub type of music video to the song "Nobody But Me" by Human Beinz (after doing some research I found out it's a song from the late 60s! Everyone participated! And you got to see how the characters have transformed since we last saw them. I read somewhere that they did that whole lipdub in one take. That's some serious talent. 

Andy wore a not so great tie...Pam looks tanned (or her hair is lighter) My sister said the same think about Pam, something's different, I think she looks thinner. ...Jim is the same...Kelly is dressed sophisticated (she later explains she went through a summer minority executive program at yale) There is a possibility that she won't come back either after season 7 is done. WHYY! No Michael or Kelly, I don't know how I feel about that. Oscar and Kevin look sorta the same....Phyllis was shaking it!!! Erin has lighter hair too. Stanley holds the door open and that's as far as his participation goes. Ryan comes out of a closet (they use this joke alot) with a WUPHF shirt on...which i had to check out. will write about that at the end. Gabe is also more...lively...(that's because he started dating erin over the summer...can't believe!) We then pan to Creed who looks like he has no idea what is going on, yet has a bluetooth on. Then we go to Kevin who has Meredith strapped to him. Her baring her belly was quite disurbing lol..back to Creed who now has an electric guitar and rocks it! Pass Kelly who is arguing with Ryan, then Stanley, then Darryl's office where he and Angela are in there talking, but Angela shuts the door because she doesn't want to be on the internet. Pass Andy and Phyllis and into Michael Scott's office.

Ahhhh Michael Scott...his last season premiere...he finally gets to show us his magic tricks (like more than one).

Then we pan to the whole office who shoots streamers...and here comes Dwight, knocking things over on top of desk, rips head off a teddy bear and pulls out a dagger that he starts pointing at people....him licking the dagger is the best. LOL

Intro is different too! they updated some of the scenes to show the characters.

so what was the epi about? i forgot... We was playing Words with Friends. lol

oh. Michael hires his nephew to work for him, and he's lousy! everyone wants him gone.

everyone updates on their summer:

Kelly (talking about how the summer program made her smart)...kelly, what's the biggest company in the world? and i would say "blah blah blah, giving you the correct answer".

Dwight bought the building! I totally missed this part. I didn't understand the keys joke, I was like is he a janitor now? and why is he drinking all that liquid?

Jim has been busy pranking Dwight of the middle of one, Pam starts giggling and ruins it! (very unprofessional Mrs. Halpert) She works on making it up to him by tampering with the elevator. Pam and Dwight get stuck in there, and he immediately establishes a pee corner (they've only been in there 2 minutes!)

I kinda don't remember the rest right now...I'm actually about to rewatch now so it's going to be a little live blogging.

Conference room scene: Don't bother Luke. No one knows yet that Luke is Michael's nephew. "I'm your Uncle, Luke" hahaa. I must say, Jim's facial expressions have been SUPERB in this episode. OMGGG yes, I remember now "God, who did he hire when he needed help here on Earth? Jesus Christ, his son.... I'm just saying why does God get to do something I don't?" HILARIOUS. First of all, I'd like to point out that even Michael Scott knows that God and Jesus are two different people. Second of all, is it bad that I keep laughing when I hear that argument? Oh and Kelly is "smart" now but brings up issues way after the fact, like the zoning issue. I'm loving her suit, great choice of color.

So one of the reasons Luke sucks is cause he bought soy ice cream. I totally agree. Yuck. He also drives a Honda Civic CRX which is mistake number 2. Boo Hondas. (that's my personal interjection) Oh so then Michael and Gabe have a conference with Jo. A skype type conference, where one of my fave lines of the night come in to play: JO: Lower yourself Gabe, I don't want to be having a conversation with your crotch.

Elevator scene: Pam is like the worst pranker. She can help Jim with pranks but her coming up with pranks, not the best. Good attempt with Dwight though, and Dwight, how awesome is he??? "We gotta establish a pee corner" Dwight. Is. AWESOME!

Back in the conference room: Michael is doing some presentation, Luke is playing with the red pointer thing and Michael was done, took him out and SPANKED HIM! OMG. Everyone in the office was just like what????? Jim's face again, priceless. Then Andy and Phyllis reenacted the spanking, even better. At the end though, came the low blow for Michael, he has to go to counseling because of this incident. And who is going to be his counselor? TOBY! I can't wait.

So yes, consensus is that this episode was awesome. I'm seriously going to miss Michael Scott. He's like essential to the cast but he has to do what he has to do so hopefully they'll give him a good farewell.

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Roo said...

actually works that you guys color-coded what each of you were saying.. lol!! Totally awesome episode, although im actually gonna have to re-watch.. no, i wasnt playing "words with freinds" lol. but very cool blogging!!