Monday, February 9, 2009

Screw You Guys!!!!

So if we can recall the Duel episode where David Wallace called Michael up for a meeting to tell him that he's doing a great job and outselling the other branches, and the rest of the office had a debate about Hillary Swank (for the record, she's not hot, not one bit), the CFO now has Michael giving lectures to the other branches on success and how they can increase sales. (That's a terrific run-on sentence). Now Michael and Pam, the hot roadie, go on the road for these lectures. They have to go to Utica where Jim's ex, Karen, is the Regional Manager. I know it must have been tough for Pam. Like extremely awkward.

Back at the office, Jim and Dwight are now head of the Party Planning committee and they have a talking head together, its soo funny. They are very annoyed by the fact they have to do these parties. And of course, they forget the first party during their reign, none other then Kelly! She is not hiding the fact either. "Screw you guys, you're dead to me!" They finally get it together and start planning a belated party for Kelly and Dwight tactfully asks: "What kind of cake do you want, imbecile?" Kelly: "Ice cream". Good choice! They go around asking for contributions and Creed gives them a $3 dollar bill… HILARIOUS!

At Utica, Karen comes to greet Michael and Pam and they are both stunned that she is MIA pregnant (please refer to the Grammys last night). Karen has gotten married to a dermatologist and is with child. Everything seems to be ok with Pam and they hug and all that niceness. Pam is extremely happy she is over that hurdle of awkwardness because she doesn't even like that someone out there hates her. The actual lecture part was classic Michael filled with racism, sexism and assumptions. "She is pregnant. She is knocked-up, K, Karen"

Ohhh and Andy is trying to get with a girl. I didn't care for this storyline. He does ask other people what to do and Creed tells him to kiss her and he does... and loses a client!

At the end of the Utica lecture, Michael realizes he needs to get closure with Holly and it makes it seem like they are going to go visit her. We will also see how Kelly's party goes down, I can't wait. Especially with Dwight's sign "It is your birthday" To be continued…

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