Monday, February 9, 2009



So here is my review on Game Night, and Superbowl epi. First, I would like to thank the little people who made game night possible:

Emma: For buying the game! (I still owe you $10!) and for bringing that yummy bread!! And helping with food prep.
Anaid: For opening her doors, even though before the event the cops were there, I def recommend game night be at Anaid’s house in the future! Ohhh and for the cheesecake. Yummy
Jess and Deb: for taking us to Costco to buy lasagna and taquitos! Thanks to Deb in the food prep dept!
Brian: Thanks for the chips and dip!
TJ: thanks for bringing drinks. Next time it will be “drink” drinks hahaha.
John, Mike, Pedro, Marilu, Rut: Thanks for plates and napkins…we couldn’t have eaten anything without it!! Thanks to Rut for taking pics!!!
Edgar and Ulises: Thanks for coming!! Ok yeah you didn’t bring anything, but it was very nice having you there….:)
And I’d like to thank myself…hahaha. Kidding.

So game night was fun!! Like prison mike said, I forgot the game. And I would like to take the time to (in writing) apologize to Jess and Deb for saying they had it, when all along it was under my desk in my room. (I swore on my undead mothers’ grave that they had it LOL) so thanks to john and mike for taking me home. Once we had game in possession we divided in teams. Brian, Jess, TJ and myself were team captains.

All in all the game was fun, definitely some questions that had me scratching my head…as a self proclaimed office expert I was definitely put to shame ( I think I am using the word “definitely” too much). We lost!! We barely accumulated Schrute bucks, and I think we were even at the point where we owed people money!!!

So Team Jim won…that team consisted of Brian, Prison Mike, and Edgar. Congrats.

In second place, team Kelly

In third – team Stanley…I thought it was hilarious that since TJ was captain he chose the black character to represent hahahaha!

And in last place, team PAM!!! (that's Marilu covering her face...shame? I dunno)

Definitely (see…there I go with that word again) a good time had by all. Good food and good laughs. Yes, everyone thought it was hysterical seeing TJ reenact my falling incident. Hahahaha.

And Prison Mike, we’ll be sure to provide more taquitos for the next one.

And now for my review of the superbowl epi “Stress Relief”. Good job to whomever at “The Office” that won that spot after the Superbowl!

So after riding in the car back from Eastern Shore, I made it to Edgar’s house in time to catch the end of the Superbowl. It took forever to finish when there were clearly 2 minutes left on the clock. And I wasn’t really impressed by the ads. What kept me awake and….what’s the English word for “aguantando”….. enduring my annoying knee pain was the fact that we were getting a new “The Office” episode.

Let me tell you, best cold opening I have seen…ever! It’s up there with the opening from “Product Recall” Season 3 - when Jim dresses up like Dwight. Oh and the opening in “The Injury” Season 2 when Dwight hits the pole with his car and rushes off to pick up Michael after throwing up on the back of his car!!! And when Jim puts Dwight’s’ personal effects in the vending machine..I can go on…

Ok so Dwight decides to teach his fellow employees a lesson in fire safety (he tried showing them via Powerpoint, but no one paid attention, so he said Powerpoint was boring – sidenote, when Jess and I were at crownsville on 2/5/09 and the overseer said we would go over safety by watching Powerpoint we were cracking up!!!) , by creating a situation in the office where everyone ends up fending for themselves to save their lives. Oscar goes through the ceiling, Angela throws her hidden cat Bandit through the ceiling, causing him to come down the other side, and Kevin breaks the vending machine with a chair to steal all the goodies!! Jim grabs the copy machine and destroys it for sure (when the fire extinguisher is inches away) to break open a door. Oh yeah awesome part was that they actually knock over the cameraman, so you see how hectic it got in the office. Dwight then announces that it was a drill. Stanley, traumatized, falls to the ground, he suffered a heart attack!! Michael yells at him that Obama is president and that he is black, and stuffs his wallet in Stanley’s mouth so that he doesn’t swallow his tongue. This event lands Dwight in a meeting with Corporate. But doesn't get fired. See now, the one time in MY office when I almost started a fire, the FBI was all up on that, calling the fire department and were very angry that it smelled like smoke in the building!!! (I couldn't get near a microwave for weeks!! *shiver*) Anywho, Stanley comes back to the office, where he is told to take it easy or else he’ll die. ****addition to post...thanks Jess for the reminder!! So a guest comes into the office for CPR training etc, with a dummy so that they can practice on. So Kevin goes up there, and he's doing CPR, and gets tired after 20 seconds and says "call it". Michael goes up next and doesn't know how to perform CPR and so the instructor says to do compressions to the beat of "Stayin' Alive". Michael says ok, and starts singing "first I was afraid, I was petrified..." and goes for it. WRONG SONG PEOPLE!!! so the instructor says "no...try.. HA HA HA HA STAYIN ALIVE" and he goes ok and does it correctly. Unsurprisingly, Andy starts singing along, and Kelly starts dancing!!! This gets everyone in a dancing mood, Michael stops the CPR and starts dancing along hahaha! The instructor puts an end to it, and says they let the dummy die. HAHAHAHA. Dwight goes up there and says you still have time to harvest the organs and goes Hannibal Lector and carves the face out of the dummy and puts it on his own face. HILARIOUS. This lands Dwight in meeting number two in corporate. Michael is unpleased with the training so he makes his own stress relieving session. ***Stanley has a little machine that beeps faster when he is getting stressed out, and turns out that Michael is the cause of his stress. That causes Michael to have somewhat of an identity crisis…is that the right term? I don’t know, but he doesn’t show up at work the next day, and we see him in a park on a swing. He tries to feed some pigeons (but there are no birds around…as Chris nicely pointed out all the birds migrated south for the winter!)

Michael comes back to the office and says that they will have a ROAST…a la Comedy Central style…which turned out to be hilarious. He couldn’t take it though, which continues to confirm to us that he longs to have everyone’s approval. He comes back to the office with some roasts of his own. BOOM! Roasted. LOL.

Side stories: Andy downloaded a bootleg movie and wanted Pam and Jim to critique it. This bootleg movie starred Jack Black, Jessica Alba, and Cloris Leachman. I think its good “The Office” wanted to have guest stars and whatnot, but I think it’s even greater that they were not written in to interact with the office employees. Also, I seriously could have done without the grandma make-out session. I told Pedro to close his eyes several times LOL.
Another side story was that Pam’s parents were having issues, so Pam asked Jim to talk to the dad. Man to man...well apparently Jim gave some bad advice because Beasley father decided to separate from his mom. Nail-biting moment when Pam confronted Jim about it, but turns out Jim had expressed his pure love for Pam and Beasley father realized he never felt that way for his wife, and felt it was best to move on.

The episode was very long, but I really enjoyed it. I watched it several times online! And yes, it was definitely (again?!!?) a reminder of why I love the show so much. It reflected the essence of “The Office” and was Season 2 Funny. Season 2 is the best people!!! No one can dispute that.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Bero – ready for a rematch!!

P.S. - and powerpoint isn't boring!! I WAS SOOOO CLOSE TO GETTING THAT PINK IPOD NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Jess P said...

PowerPoint is boring. -Dwight and also Jessica. yes, the cold opening was off the hook!

Another fave part was when Phyllis accused dwight of almost killing Stanley and Dwight replies: Yeah right. I filled him up with butter and sugar for 50 years and forced him not to exercise. LOL

Jess P said...

and how can we forget Kelly dancing to Staying Alive?!?!?!!? hahahahahhaaaa.