Friday, February 6, 2009

Game Night

Hmmm game night what can i say what can i say.

Well it didn't start off as well as we would have hoped because for 1 we were a half hour late and 2 the game wasn't there. Had to help Bero there go and get the game from her house but once we got the game up and running it was good.

Had this awesome lasagne (sp), i didnt do well in school as u can see, anyways it was from costco and it was sooooooooooooo good. Next party is all gonna be catered by Costco!

Moving on, we had four different teams. Lets see if i can remember the team names: umm Team Jim (#1 team), team stanley, team pam, and last uh what was the name, hmmmm ummm.....oh and team kelly! ha i remembered.

As part of the winning team, i would love to say that it was an awesome game, LOVED it! Except for the fact that all the other teams got all the easy questions, well most of the easy questions and they all kept getting 3 shrute bucks for the easy stuff, my team kept getting 1 shrute buck. I mean come on now! towards the end we finally started getting 2 or 3 randomly. I believe by the time we got to the end we got sent back to uh, well i cant remember, but we got sent back because we didnt have enough money by the time we got to Micheals office to win, fortunatly we kept getting most of the answers right and we won! yay! winning is fun, though not everything ok *turns around and whispers* yes it is....yup not everything.

After we played the game we watched a few episodes of the office of course, it wouldnt be the same without it!

Thats all i have to say about game night. hope we do it again sometime and this time have more of those tacitos they were awesome! oh and the lasagne(sp) to.

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