Friday, May 8, 2009

Kelly Kapoor speaks to ME

It's not a secret that I love Kelly Kapoor, I mean, she's my favorite character on the show. Absolutely my favorite! So of course, I was sooo delighted and excited to see that when the Dunder Mifflin, Inc Newsletter came out, her corner was none other then an Ode to MAC Cosmetics. I too looooooove MAC. LOOOOVVEEEE IT!! Here is the poem:

ODE TO M.A.C.        

            by Kelly Kapoor

When life totally blows and I'm in a dark place,

When nothing can lift my spirits  not even MySpace.

There's one place I can go for a positive encounter,

I grab my credit card and head to the MAC counter.


Dressed in black, your make-up artists embrace androgyny,

They too delight in my favorite science: cosmetology.

I sample your gloss, eye shadow, foundation and mascara,

I buy your products to look like Christina Aguilera.


MAC makes you look edgy and cool, gives you mystique,

It's way better than lame-o Covergirl, Revlon, or Clinique.

I love it more that Britney, General Hospital and Tyra.

Who knows, maybe I'll get a job at MAC after I retire-a.


MAC gives a girl that much-needed dose of glam that I admire,

With my face done, I feel like a celebrity in the pages of The Enquirer.

Sometimes I buy online and my makeup's delivered via FedEx,

There will always be special place in my heart for MAC cosmetics. 

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