Monday, May 11, 2009


So last week's episode of THE OFFICE was so great!!!!

Be sure to check out "BOY HANGOVER" by Lester Lewis:

So Michael Scott still has the lease on his old office for MSPC. He turns it into a cafe disco. He says he loves to dance (his dancing reminds me of...a friend. LOL) He invites people to go hang out, but no one really wants to. Kevin makes it down there, but Angela pulls him out, the secretary makes it down there and dances a bit (she comes up with the name cafe disco actually) and Phyllis makes it down there but throws out her back. Dwight and Michael push her into the conference room and Dwight treats her like a horse and massages her back, and takes care of her. Since no one wants to go to the disco Michael tells the secretary to close it down, next thing you know her and Kelly start a party! (enter "BOY HANGOVER")

So everyone eventually makes it down there, and Kelly challenges Andy to a danceoff (I definitely agree with Jess, Kelly is like soooooooooooooo awesome in these episodes!!!!)

Side story: Jim and Pam were going to Ohio to get married, didn't happen, which is good, I would like to see them have a nice wedding.

Cafe Disco was a success. I wish there was one around here....LOL.


Can't wait for the season finale this thursday!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. - need another OFFICE GAME NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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