Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holly had to leave!

I liked Holly, yes, she was perfect for Michael but can't wait till he's anguished again for a girl. Those moments are fun!

The Dwight and Andy thing is hilarious! Poor Andy, he's so stupid and so is Dwight. Both of them need to get over Angela and be done with it. She is hoe-ish.

"Life is a Highway" I hate that song yet its sooo catchy and will be stuck in my head all day now.

The cold opening was hilarious! 3 jokers. Creed was the best by far. He's creepy without a costume.

Note to the writers: More Kelly! and Pam and Jim just need to be together, this whole long distance thing is not cool. I know in future episodes she is coming back but its just a waste of time on the show, his brothers are weird, not Jim like at all. And that fake me out stare at the camera? was that an attempt to be like Jim? NO GOOD. They don't need to come back.

Check out the deleted scenes! Especially the 3rd one, Hilarious! Darryl comes up with a car game called cow surfing, when you see a cow, the last one to say Jackson 5 has to ride the cow! Obviously not a real game but soo funny, next road trip guys, lets play cow surfing.

and now the Top 5 fave lines from the episode:

5. Kelly: Who are you, Larry King?
4. Andy: That's bobble big red bear!
3. Andy: Applicant has head shaped like a trapezoid.
2. Darryl on his phone: Please call me back. Please!
1. Michael to Holly: Did Darryl touch you?

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