Friday, May 2, 2008


What did everyone think of this episode? That's the most I heard Stanley talk in forever!

I loved in the beginning how they were going to stick Michael's face in the cement, he even had time for a "that's what she said" joke. LOL.

and we learned something new about Pam...anyone notice?

angela is getting larger by the moment, they won't be able to hide the pregnancy much longer, even her hands look thicker!!!

I didn't like that Toby complained to....what's his name....ugghhh i just had it.....oh yes..ryan. that wasn't cool. Yes Jim spends time at Pam's desk and not doing work *did you guys see when it showed him playing Solitaire?* But hey, that's Jim.

I was hilarious when Dwight was filling out the mad libs and put that Andy was an idiot for selling his car. Dwight is awesome! W hen he started counting down to Andy to pressure him to sell the car...and then when he tried the same thing with Michael!

Toby's convo with Michael was hilarious. "sometimes my stomach hurts when you come into the office" and when Michael told Toby he was "so white"...wonderful.

This was the best part: when Dwight shows the chart in which he would have authority over everyone once Michael gives the word...


La Mafiosa said...

Funny episode. I can't believe Stanley just snapped. I liked that it showed that because it made it more real. There is no way that a black man with sass will stay quiet for 10 years.

Ryan needs to revisit the DARE program.

Toby........ I feel bad for Toby but this is a low for him.

The Jello Phone said...

This episode was very awkward. I hope Pam dumps Jim for Toby. One more thing...jello.