Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kelly Kapoor Fan

So Kelly Kapoor was not my favorite character until Ryan broke up with her at the end of season 3. Her reaction was priceless!!


Mr. Jojo said...

Kelly says: "I'm pregnant, and you know what, I'm keepin it!" Yes priceless it was. Also, after his presentation...he asked for questions and she said "can we discuss our relationship?" great Kelly ... Im hoping her character emerges.

I am so excited about this show...By the way is there anyone that wants to buy season 1?? someone has an extra copy for 20 bucks. (this is an advertisement) LOL

La Mafiosa said...

jojo, you're a trip! I love that Kelly-Ryan moment too. They have a few that are hilarious. She defintely needs more screen time.

Bero *hearts* the Office! said...

thanks mr. jojo for the shout out...unfortunately it is no where to be found....sooooo let me look for it again and then we're in business!!!