Friday, September 26, 2008

What up 212??

unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control and imperfection and stupid eva, I missed the first 15 mins of the show but it was later recapped by my sister.... with that said:

Ok so how great was the office last night?!????!?!?! most definitely awesome. Ryan coming back as a Temp had me rolling!!! and his revenge list. (sidenote: those list are no joke, when I was in high school, this kid had one... I was number 3 at one point but then I let him borrow a pencil and was later vanished from the list...hmm I wonder where is nighthawk) and him wanting to be with Kelly. GOOO KELLY for not giving in. YAY! she's come a looong way. Let Ryan throw himself at you and be strong!

Poor Andy! Angela is just leading him on, what kind of christian woman is that? wait... not surprised. She's the real office mattress.

Holly is an awesome addition to the show, seems like she always was meant to be there. wika wika wika what??

Creed giving Kelly a "tapeworm"? why kelly why???

The whole weight loss theme was excellent and a great way of motivating Americans to lose some weight. We don't want doors widened or standard sizes to change to accommodate our fat tendencies. Lets do something! (says the fat! I'm trying guys!!!)

Ok and Jim and Pam. FINALLY! It almost brought me to tears. It was great. Just WONDERFUL!!!!

Fave Quotes of the night:

Pam: I will be a little fish in the big apple. What up 212!

Andy: Ang … ela. Ela, ela, ela, under my Angerella. Ela, ela, ay, ay, ay.

Kevin: Wait, back up. Do you think that I’m retarded?

Kelly: I swallowed a tapeworm last night.
Creed: That wasn’t a tapeworm.

Kevin: Fire-ed Guy.

Dwight: I say I say I say, I sit on you.

Kelly: I hate this worm inside of me!

Andy: Wet Tuna!

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